Solution for Construction - Innvative Prefabricated reinforced Concrete Products
Precast Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturer and dealer of prefabricated concrete toilets, garden furniture's, manhole covers and religious worshiping products. It is very sure that we give the best Quality

Precast Enterprises is a professionally managed Multi product company with a successful track record of over two decades. Our Range of product has created good recognition in the construction field, by using Precast Reinforced Concrete, we can reduce the cost & time and the product is confirm to the Indian Standard Specification.
Concrete Compound Wall Concrete Toilet / Bath / Security Kiosk
Concrete Door Frames Concrete Garden Furniture
Concrete Window Frames Concrete Manhole Covers
Concrete Bench Industrial Special Wall
Concrete Thulasi Madam Storage Shed
Storm Water Drains
Poles & Street Lighting Poles
MISC. Precast Concrete Products
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